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Library User's Guide


The following people are permitted to use the General Library of Yamanashi Gakuin.

・Students of Yamanashi Gakuin schools, college and university
・Faculty and staff members of Yamanashi Gakuin School Corporation (YGSC)
・Alumni of Yamanashi Gakuin schools, college and university
・External users
 (those who live or work in Yamanashi prefecture and are over 18 years of age)

High school students other than Yamanashi Gakuin Senior High School students are not permitted to use the Library.

Opening Hours
Mon.-Fri. Sat. Lecture pause date
9:00-20:00 9:30-16:30 9:00-17:00

It is changed in long vacation.


・Saturday (except during final exam periods)
・National holiday
・Bon vacation
・Year-end and New Year holidays
・Library check date

Please check always the calendar.

Entrance and Exit

When you come in and out, please push the gate.

If you bring out library materials without borrowing, the gate will be alarmed and be locked.
If you have a mobile phone, then the alarm will sound sometimes.
If it begins to sound, please tell it to a library staff.


・No phone
 Talking on your cell-phone is allowed only in designated area.
・No Food
 However, a drinking bottle with a cap is allowed in the Library.
・No Smoking
 Inappropriate behaviors that may disturb other users are not accepted.

Borrowing books

Procedure → 1F counter
Must have → student ID

User Borrowing limits Borrowing periods
1st-3rd grade 5 books 2 weeks
4th grade 10 books 3 weeks
Faculty member 20 books 4 weeks

Return of books

Procedure → 1F counter

Please note the periods.
If library is closed, please put it in the return book’s post.
You can renew the book only once.

Materials that Cannot Be Checked Out

・Reference books ・Newspapers and magazines
・Audiovisual materials(Videos, DVDs, CDs, etc.)

Some CD-ROMs can be checked out.


Copy is 10 yen per sheet.(Color copy is 50 yen)

Please write on an application form the number of copies.
Please manage on yourself mobile phone and wallet.